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Parable of The Ten Virgins

Posted by Lauralee on March 5, 2009 at 6:16 PM

I enjoyed the article Parable of The Ten Virgins.

I agree there are so many who are not watching for his return. 

As in the days of Noah, so shall the end of time be.   I think the world is definitely like that now and so like the Ten Virgins we should be watching, but again like the Ten Virgins many are not.


I wrote this poem and hope my brothers and sisters in Christ Enjoy it, feel free to share it with others. (Note it looks prettier if all the lines of the poem are centered, but I don't know how to do that here.


God's wonderful, glistening spectrum in the stormy sky bent

after the forecasted rain shower was nearly spent.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet,

reverently bowed down to the covenant that GOD had set.

All God's hues of the arc, were beautiful to my eyes,

but made me wonder "Why God Why?"

Why do people fail to listen to your forecasted warning,

and only want to enter Noah's ark when it's storming?

I pray that the promise of your Rainbow will be for all to know.

Please give many opportunities for Salvation's truth to grow-

in the hearts of unbelievers, to wash away Satan's plans of woe.

Let the Holy Spirit move upon their hearts with every Rainbow they see

and let the multi prism of Jesus Christ's love set them free.

A poem written by:  Lauralee Fae Hensley

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Reply Cendrillon
9:28 AM on March 6, 2009 
That's such a beautiful and touching poem, Lauralee--thank you! And, God's many blessings, dear sister in Christ Jesus.
Reply Lauralee Hensley
7:59 PM on March 6, 2009 
Thank you, and hope to read some of your writings soon. God Bless, Lauralee
Cendrillon says...
That's such a beautiful and touching poem, Lauralee--thank you! And, God's many blessings, dear sister in Christ Jesus.
Reply Senteami
10:06 AM on March 25, 2009 
Yes there is such a division in the Church concerning the Rapture. Some expect it BEFORE Tribulation starts, some at THE END. Exactly 5:5 ratio! Those who don't expect the master so soon just wont' be taken! IT works by faith!
Link about my video:

Encoded by the way with 9/11, as God showed me later! :-))
Reply Senteami
10:08 AM on March 25, 2009 
My video is in 6 parts. If you can't find it, just go on and search for "bibleandnumbers" or Rapture. You will see the interview dated 6/29/2008 by Daniel Ott/TheEdge AM in iNdianapolis. :-))
I have posted captions of it on my page (the link I gave you) if needed.
Reply Senteami
1:14 PM on April 6, 2009 
found this on this website (under question on main page):
I have read that in 1988 when Jesse Duplantis visited heaven Jesus told him (paraphrased): The answer to the cryptogram (Bible revelation of timing of the Rapture) is in the WORD. I read this on the internet but have no way of verifying it. If anyone can verify please let me know.

A cryptogram is a type of puzzle which consists of a short piece of encrypted text.

This is my question: who posted this question and where can I read further about this? Because it seems to indicate that that person was talking (and Jesse D. as well) of the hidden Rapture codes in the Bible verses (I am not talking about the "bible codes" here, I am talking about biblical numbers, as exposed and developped in our book "Bible and Numbers"!

Thanks for any one to reply to this! :-)