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Dreams of the Rapture.

Posted by Lauralee on March 5, 2009 at 4:15 PM

The first dream I had about the Rapture was about 6 months ago. 

In my dream it took place on what I sensed in the dream as being the Jewish Sabbath.

The time was kinda strange to determine, but it felt like either the sun was almost down, or just coming up.

Yet, it felt like it was more almost down, because it felt like we were going to start soon our family dinner meal together.

I was going out to get the mail out of the mailbox, to bring it into the house.  That's another reason it felt like more that the sun was almost down, because our mail comes in the late afternoon, not early morning hours, and I sometimes let it stay in the box for awhile before I go out and get it.  I also smelled food cooking, but it didn't smell like when I cook breakfast food, but more like when I cook a pot of stew in the slow cooker.  I sensed it was fall or cooler weather in the dream, because that is when I am more likely to be cooking stews.  I saw leaves beginning to fall off the trees too, so where I live that can be anywhere from September to the earlier part of November, depending on how the weather is going that particular year.

Anyways, in the dream when I walked out my door in the twilight kinda sky, which was clear, no clouds anywhere, I heard

a musical horn sound.  It was softer.  I stopped on the front porch step and tried to figure out where it was coming from, but I couldn't.  Then it sounded again, but louder and longer.  It did this a number of times, but I don't remember exactly how many times, but each time louder and longer.  Finally I could tell it was coming from the sky in the North East area I believe, or close to it.  When I focused on that area of the sky, I could see it (that area of the sky)  actually rolling back like a Jewish Scroll.  There were golden Hebrewic letters that were transparent forming and disappearing and forming and disappearing, very quickly.  It felt like they were names flashing on a giant screen.

That was my first Rapture dream.  Somehow, in the dream I knew when I heard the musical horn that this was the Rapture beginning.

My second Rapture dream that took place last Saturday night Feb. 28th, 2009.  Note before I went to sleep, I was praying for the Peace Of Israel, For a couple I know that are Messianic Jews who work for Jews for Jesus, and I was also praying Maranatha (come quickly Lord Jesus).  This dream somehow felt like a continuation of my first dream.  In this dream I had the sense that everything I dreamt in the first dream had already occured and this was just seconds after that.  In this dream while looking at the glorious opening in our earthly sky, I sensed a need to look up and not at the opening.  I saw all these very white, small what I'll call donut clouds forming.  They were numerous.  It felt like there was a spiritual being inside the opening center of each of these clouds, though I actually did not see any figures at all.  It felt like in my head I heard the voice of an angel say "Come Up!"  Faster, quicker than anything I have ever felt, it seemed as though I was ascending toward one of the white donut cloud openings, and I could see many others going through similiar looking clouds.  It also felt as though the clouds were at the same time moving with supersonic speed  toward the great opening in the sky, to what I thought in my dream was the North East.  Then a neighbors truck backfired or something and I woke up.

I awoke from each of these dreams, feeling so loved, so cared for, so secure, and so happy.

I shared my first dream with my husband, but not my second.

I mean I have never dreamed any dreams except these two with such intensity in like how can I say, special effects features, like no movie on the movie screen has ever had.  No dreams have ever felt this real to me before these two.

I mean, when I have awakened from dreams before, it felt like I had just dreamed.

Yet, these felt like a glimpse of my very near future.



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